Every now and again, our gorgeous region in Dickinson County will surprise us with something special, and The Narrows just happens to be one of them. If you’ve dreamt of owning a large piece of paradise next to one of the Great Iowa Lakes, look no further.

This stunning parcel of land rests alongside East Okoboji Lake, the longest natural lake in all of Iowa (approx. 7 miles long). It also happens to be surrounded by the cherished Elinor Bedell State Park, a place where nature seekers can explore the beauty which is abundant in Dickinson County. Oak savannas, low bank lakeshore, and our peaceful prairies encompass this tract of 49 acres. It’s not every day you’ll find 2,020 feet of East Okoboji shoreline, especially for this kind of value.

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The Iowa Great Lakes area has some of the best water bodies found in the Midwest, which is why many people want to invest in Okoboji real estate. But did you know that Okoboji has the most state parks in all 99 counties found right here in the northwest of Iowa? Okoboji offers residents and travelers over 10 state parks made up of diverse ecosystems, amongst some the most stunning natural landscapes in all of Iowa.

Whether you want to enjoy the tranquility of nature or experience a variety of unique recreational activities, Okoboji is the place to be for anyone who enjoys being immersed in nature. At Hoien Realty, we've been in the area for over 50 years, so here's a list of our favorite state parks in our beautiful Okoboji.

1. Gull Point State…

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