Why It's Better To Buy Vs Rent In Iowa Great Lakes

The age old debate of whether it's better to buy vs rent a home can get quite intense. Whether you think you’ll make more money on the stock market or you think property is the best investment, we challenge you to read this blog and think long and hard about the points we make. There are some undeniable reasons to become a homeowner for the first-time, and some good reasons for those second-home buyers to bite the bullet and buy another property.

Why should you focus on buying vs renting? I am sure over the years the thought has crossed many renters minds as to when the best time to make a home purchase is. Should you wait another year or two to save up more money or should you take what you have and get into the market as soon as possible? What…

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Northwest Iowa Industries

Some of the most fertile soil in the country is found in Iowa, and agriculture has been a dominant means of survival for the people of Iowa for hundreds of years. During the colonial era, the ambitious people of Iowa established their land in the northwestern region of the state for an agricultural based economy, right in the heart of the Corn Belt. Throughout the 20th century, Iowa’s agricultural economy progressed into a diversified economy of innovative manufacturing, processing, financial services, information technology, biotechnology, and green production. Thanks to the industrial revolution, Iowa has remained an agricultural powerhouse and was one of the biggest wheat and corn producers in the world. To this day,…

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The Pearson Lakes Art Center celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015 and is now one of the top art museums in Iowa. With an impressive collection of both permanent and loaned pieces, people across the country have enjoyed the various famous displays as well as the unique creative programs that are offered to all backgrounds and skill-levels. The Pearson Lakes Art Center holds six galleries, a performing arts theater, a pottery room, a library, and an interactive gallery. The Pearson Arts Center is a gem of our Iowa Great Lakes community and a fantastic creative outlet for many.

What's Happening this Winter at The Pearson Lakes Art Center

During the colder months in our Iowa Great Lakes community, getting out to discover new hobbies and passions…

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The 38th Annual Winter Games- Okoboji

This coming January marks the 38th year of one of the most coveted winter festivals of West Lake Okoboji, attracting tens of thousands of people from our state and from across the nation, to the Iowa Great Lakes Area for a weekend of family fun and community spirit! Hosted by the University of Okoboji, participants of the event join in on exciting winter activities, while some are warmer and colder than others. Get your bucket list ready and join our community for a spectacular time! Whether you want to jump into freezing water, tour the Great Lakes in a helicopter, or play cards with your friends, there's something for all of us to enjoy!

Snow or no snow, the show must go on!

Event Information:

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