tax benefits of vacation homes

Okoboji is the perfect place to invest in a vacation home. Billed as "Iowa's greatest vacation destination", this is a land of dramatic formerly glaciated landscapes, lush green meadows, and pristine lakefront property. On any given day in the warmer months, you can go water skiing, fishing, swimming, kayaking, or boating. There is also amazing hiking and mountain biking. In the winter, you can ski, skate, and snowshoe. It's truly a year-round paradise. But apart from the recreational and luxury advantages of owning a vacation home, there are great tax benefits too. If you're not familiar with these read on to find out whether you might qualify.

1. Home Improvement

If your second home needs renovation work, you can deduct interest on a home…

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Tips for Buying a Rental Home in Okoboji

Investing in rental property in the Okoboji real estate market is a wise decision indeed! Not only will you have a property that you love and can use whenever you want it, but you'll also have someone else paying you rent while you are not using it. We all work so hard to give our families the best of everything, so why not have the best of both worlds in the very lucrative Okoboji area!

Before you rush into anything or make a decision based on emotion, take the time to review this blog to make sure you have considered a few more things when buying rental property in this sought after community. We have come up with some questions we think you should think about while you are exploring your real estate market options. The type of property, the area…

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