Marketing Your Home

After 70 years of real estate experience, Hoien Realty has put together a reliable marketing plan for the Okoboji real estate landscape. Our experts have wielded great results and success from the marketing plan.

Selling your home can be an exciting and stressful time. As a homeowner you are excited to take your next step in life, but you also worry about getting top dollar for your home. You might also be concerned about how quickly our home will sell and when the appropriate time is to start looking for your next home.

An effective real estate marketing strategy will set your home sale up for success. A strong marketing plan ensures that your home is being advertised to a large audience of potential buyers. It also ensures that your home is priced competitively and that it is attracting buyers. At Hoien Realty, we are dedicated to the success of your home sale, and over the past fifty years, we have developed a solid marketing plan that regularly sees success in our market.

We Price Your Home Right

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of a successful home sale. While most buyers are tempted by the idea of pricing their home high, the best thing you can do is price your home accurately. A home that is priced too high is going to be unappealing to buyers. Houses that are priced too high tend to sit on the real estate market for long periods of time because buyers opt to purchase similar homes for a better value in similar neighborhoods.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, houses that are priced too low may sell quickly, but they aren’t capitalizing on their full value. This means that homeowners have a smaller budget to draw from when they go on to purchase their next home.

An accurately priced home enjoys the best of both worlds. It attracts buyers quickly because it is priced competitively, and because so many buyers are interested, bidding wars can happen, which drives the sale value upwards.

We have been Okoboji real estate experts for more than fifty years, so whether your home is located in West Okoboji Harbor, Emerald Hills, Pointe of Pines, or Arthur Heights, we have the area expertise to help you price your home accurately.

We Recognize the Value of Online Marketing

There used to be a time when searching for a home meant checking your weekly paper for listings or heading down to the real estate office in person. Some buyers do still find their next home that way, but the majority of buyers now check the web first before they look anywhere else.

We understand that buyers are changing, and we have risen to the challenge by marketing your home with compelling online advertising materials in addition to the traditional print ads. When you list a home with Hoien Realty, your home will be advertised on the local MLS, on our website, and on our Facebook page. By making your home as visible as possible, we give you the best chance of finding the right buyer.

We Help You Stage and Photograph Your Home

Presenting your home in the best possible light will help make your home appeal to buyers. A successfully staged home will look nice to a wide range of prospective buyers. Neutral colors can allow buyers to see the space more accurately. Fresh flowers and bright lighting can energize a home.

Our team has worked with many of today’s buyers, and we have a good sense of what they are looking for in a home. When you list your home, we can make redecoration and paint recommendations that will help make your home appeal to a wider range of tastes.

We will also hire a professional photographer to take listing photos of your home. High quality images can do a lot to convince a buyer to visit your home. Our goal is to present buyers with something that they will not only like, but something that they will want to imagine themselves living in. 

Our 24 Point Marketing Plan

  1. Perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to position the property competitively in the marketplace.
  2. Place a “For Sale” sign(s) on the property.
  3. Enroll the property in the IGL Multiple Listing Service.
  4. Promote property on with multiple interior and exterior photos and property information.
  5. Create a virtual tour for the internet on
  6. Promote property on the various internet listing real estate links/websites.
  7. Provide owner with tips for market preparation.
  8. Conduct an open house for REALTORS@ in our Multiple Listing Service.
  9. Notify the neighbors that the property is on the market in case they have friends or relatives who might have an interest.
  10. Keep agents in our MLS apprised of any changes/updates to the property via weekly MLS meetings and meeting minutes.
  11. Conduct open houses for the public, if appropriate.
  12. Produce high-quality color property flyers.
  13. Promote the property to the best agents in our marketplace.
  14. Canvas centers of influence to locate prospects.
  15. Install a lock box to facilitate ease of showings, if appropriate.
  16. Monitor listing and sales activities to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace, and communicate that with the owner/seller.
  17. Offer a one-year home protection plan for the purchaser, if applicable.
  18. Help prospects with financing sources and options.
  19. Update photos of home as seasonal changes dictate.
  20. Follow-up on showings to obtain prospects’ reactions.
  21. Present all offers professionally and as efficiently as possible.
  22. Negotiate the offer until all parties are satisfied.
  23. Coordinate and manage the closing process thoroughly and professionally.
  24. Keep a record of closing and the entire file for a minimum of seven years.

We are a Team with Over 85 Years of Combined Experience

The process of selling a home isn’t simple. The real estate market is constantly changing. Strategies that work in a buyer’s market may not be so successful in a seller’s market. Likewise, whether the market is appreciating or depreciating can make an impact on the success of your home sale. With over fifty years of experience in the Okoboji real estate market, we can say that we’ve seen it all. Because we have spent so many years buying and selling homes in this area, we are confident that we have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to help you sell your home no matter what the real estate climate is like.

To learn more about our history, read our About page. To meet our team of agents, check out our Agents page. If you are ready to begin the process of selling your home in Okoboji, contact Hoien Realty. We pride ourselves on our ability to get our clients the best possible results.