Beat the summer heat in your Okoboji, IA home

Here are five foolproof ways to beat the heat in your Hampton Roads home this summer:

1. Invest In Cooling Curtains

Thermal or blackout curtains work to insulate your home from the hot summer sun. Install them to cover windows that regularly have prolonged exposure to direct sunlight throughout the day. Not only will the curtains block out the sun and heat, it will help saving on energy costs because your air conditioner won't have to work as hard, simultaneously cooling your home and your wallet.

2. Service Your Air Conditioner

You may think this tip seems straight forward but how many times has the hot summer heat taken you by surprise, leaving you to fire up the air conditioner without having it properly serviced.

It's recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced every 30 days during the summer months or months that you have it frequently running.

And believe it or not, keeping up on your lawn and garden can also improve the health of your air conditioner and improve the functionality of your air conditioner, keeping it clear of debris, especially if your unit is outdoors.

3. Consider Installing A Programmable Or Smart Thermostat

Doesn't it seem like there's a new technological advancement every day?

These home tech advancements are working wonders to improve the quality of the lives of homeowners and their wallets. Programmable or smart thermostats allow you to set automatic temperature controls for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Depending on how often you use your air conditioner, these thermostats can save you up to 3o or 40 percent of the total utility costs over the year.

4. Change The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan

Did you know that your ceiling fan is designed to rotate differently depending on the season?

Many homeowners don't realize that their ceiling fans are designed to function throughout the year. In the winter, run your fan in a clockwise motion to push down and help distribute warm air that has risen.

In the summer, switch that direction and run your fan in a counter-clockwise motion at a higher speed to get a welcoming, cool breeze.

If you don't have a ceiling fan, there are quick tricks you can do with standard fans to cool your home. For example, position one to blow facing your windows at night while another blows towards to the window from across the room, creating a cross-breeze to quickly cool off the room.

5. Run A Ventilation Check

As much as you don't want to let all that cool air out, you don't want to be letting the hot summer air in.

Test the stripping and caulking around your doors and windows, replacing when needed. You may even find it beneficial to replace old windows, especially if they are single-pane. Not only will this help with your summer ventilation, but will help in the winter.

You may find it helpful to bring in a professional to conduct an energy assessment to narrow down the best techniques for your home. This will help you better understand where your home is losing energy, how to remedy it, which rebated and discounts are available to make your upgrades both energy and cost efficiency.

Bonus Tips!

If you can't beat the heat, join it! Take the party outside to your back patio or deck for barbecues or plan a cool meal. Not only will this get you outside to enjoy the beautiful summer weather but you won't heat up your home but running your stove or oven.

The best part of summertime as a child? The endless popsicles! This childhood treat is a wonderful throw back to keep you cool and add a little whimsy to your day.

Trying to get to sleep on hot summer nights can be frustrating and difficult. Make it easier by investing in bamboo or other breathable natural fiber sheets.

If you're in the market for a new home this summer in Okoboji area, get in touch with the area experts at Hoien Realty or call now at 713-336-2790.

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Posted by Eric Hoien on Friday, August 11th, 2023 at 11:08am

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