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Your house is more than a building. It’s a home where you have formed many precious memories. For most people, it is also their single biggest asset. When it comes time to sell your home in Okoboji, it is important that you find the right realtor to help you. You want to work with someone who not only understands how important your home sale is to you, you want someone who is a leading expert in their field.

When it comes time to choose an Okoboji listing agent, you might find yourself overwhelmed. There are dozens of real estate agencies to choose from. How do you distinguish which agent will be able to help you sell your home for the highest price and the shortest period of time?

Here are some tips on how to choose a Realtor to sell your home in Okoboji:

Choose an Okoboji Real Estate Expert To Help You Price Your Home

No two neighborhoods are quite the same, and when you are determining how much you should price your home for, knowing the community is integral to your success.

A home that is priced too high will sit on the market for a long period of time. Why would a buyer choose a home that is priced much higher than a very similar home nearby? Additionally, the longer a home sits on the market, the less appealing it becomes to prospective buyers. People often assume that other buyers have passed up on a house for a good reason and that is why the home hasn’t already sold.

A home that is priced too low will sell quickly, but the homeowner will not be capitalizing on the full value of their home, which will make purchasing their next home more difficult because their budget is that much smaller.

There is a sweet spot in the middle where a home is priced accurately. A properly priced home will not only sell for a fair value in a timely manner, it can also garner a number of competing offers that will push the sale value up because there are so many buyers who are interested.

That ideal value will vary from community to community, and that is why it is critical that you choose an agent who knows their market and can support their pricing recommendation with information from comparable sales, pending sales, and other active listings.

The Hoien family has been selling and buying real estate since the agency was started in 1952. They not only know the process of selling homes well, they know each community in great detail. Whether you are selling your home in Arnolds Park, Spirit Lake, Milford, or Okoboji, we have the local expertise to help you price your property for success.

Avoid Choosing a Listing Agent Because They Offer the Lowest Commission

It can be tempting to save a few dollars on your home sale by selecting an agent because they have a lower commission rate than others in the area, but before you decide to choose them, take a serious look at their advertising. Often, a smaller commission equates to a smaller advertising budget, and advertising is one of the most important aspects of a successful home sale.

To help your home sell in a timely manner, you need to be able to advertise your property to the largest body of potential buyers possible. This encompasses print materials hung up in storefront windows, listing signs at the end of your driveway, extensive online advertising on the agent’s website and the local MLS. The more people that have the opportunity to see your home, the more likely you are to find the right buyer.

It is also important to present your home in the best possible light. This usually means hiring a professional photographer to take pictures that highlight your home’s best features. It can also mean spending time with your agent to stage your home. You want to pick an agent who isn’t afraid to spend money on advertising your home properly.

At Hoien Realty, we understand the importance of advertising, and that’s why you’ll find that we go the extra mile. Our website is search engine optimized so that potential buyers are met with a site that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. We like to feature our listings on our Home page and we work hard to put together compelling listings.

If you are interested in selling your Okoboji home, connect with the experts at Hoien Realty. We have been experts in our market for over fifty years, but the main reason we have a track record of success is that we care about our clients. We value trust, knowledge, and customer care and that is what sets us apart from other agents in the area.

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